SNS Meaning

SNS stands for Social Networking Service. The term mostly describes online services that enable users to establish connections, or relationships with other users. It connects people based on their interests, hobbies, backgrounds, or locations, etc.


Social Networking Service

Networking Image (Source: Taylor Vick – Unsplash)


The concept is the foundation of modern networking activities. People grow their relationships through sharing information, direct messaging, or commenting on posts. This eliminates most physical obstacles, or boundaries, as long distance communication is now painless and simple.

Started in 1997, was the very first SNS, which was soon pursued by Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, and other companies on all over the world. At this moment, SNS is not something new with most people, which is changing significantly everyday in size and scope.

What is another term for Social Media?

Social Media implies online platforms that enable users to post content, and interact by sharing, commenting, or sending messages. Based on its nature, we can recognize this concept as Social Networking Service (SNS), Social Communication, or Mass Communication Media.


(SNS) Social Networking Service Image

(SNS) Social Networking Service Image (Source: Austin Distel – Unsplash)


Social Media only represents a part of SNS. Specifically, Social Networking Service indicates pretty much any platforms that help people to connect. The concept includes messaging platforms, posting video platforms, communication forums, etc. On the other hand, Social Media platforms provides an environment for users to share content to the public, and interact by commenting, or sharing. It is actually where users can gather online as a group, or as a community to share their common ideas, opinions, or topics.

A great example of Social Media is Facebook. You can create your own profile to represent yourself, your Fanpage to represent your organization, or your Group to host your own community. Subsequently, you can send direct messages to anyone, or any organizations on Facebook. In addition, you can post images, opinions, or videos; or interact on contents of other users. However, it would be different from Whatsapp, where you can only send messages. Indeed, Whatsapp is a SNS platform, but obviously it does not fall into the Social Media category.

Pantograph is a SNS platform based on Blockchain

Pantograph is built entirely on TomoChain, a popular Blockchain based in South-east Asia.  Pantograph Mobile enables you to maximize interaction with various communities on all over the world.



As a participant, you will be able to join any communities that you want. Once participated, you can chat in any room, or reach out to other users in the room. Besides, you may have a chance to receive tips from hosts, or moderators of your community. Contrariwise, you can share your opinions, images, or your own tokens to the community to promote your projects.

As a community host, you can build your own community and share the administrative permission with some other users, if needed. Below is a few advantages of an admin, or moderators of a community.

  • Invite other users to join your community by sharing the link of your community. This is also applicable for regular participants;
  • Host many Chat rooms at once;
  • Share posts, images, opinions, or links and pin to the top of your community to earn attention, or traffic;
  • You can encourage interaction from your followers by sending tips or gifts;
  • Send gifts as ‘receive link’ without knowing the address of the receiver;
  • Expose your community to thousands of users by turning your community from Private to Public;
  • Ban or delete any followers in the community.

Pantograph is one of the first SNS platforms that facilitate the Blockchain Technology. It is an effort of Bacoor Inc. to push up the mass adoption of this advanced technology.


You can always try out Pantograph Community on iOS or Android.