Switch To Testnet Instantly

The extension is available on Chrome, Brave, and Firefox
Testnet Extension Image

Switch to TomoChain Testnet

It only takes 2 clicks to switch to TomoChain Testnet as the extension is available right on your browser.

Fully support TomoChain

Pantograph Extension basically supports all tokens and NFTs that based on TomoChain. Hence, you can test out any of your creations, as long as they’re Tomo-based.

It's all FREE!

It would not cost anything to try out the Testnet, or to download the Pantograph Extension.

About joining TomoChain Testnet

Receive free TOMO test in your account, develop your products, and more
Join Tomo Testnet

(*) Join Tomo Testnet via Pantograph Extension


1. Click on the extension

2. Click on ‘Networks’

3. Click on ‘Test TomoChain network’, or insert your ‘Custom RPC’

TomoChain Testnet Block Explorer

(*) Go to the Testnet Block Explorer


1. Click on the extension

2. Click on Extension Settings icon

3. Click on ‘View on TomoScan’

Check Testnet Token on TomoChain

(*) Check your tokens on the Testnet


1. Click on the extension

2. Click on Extension ‘Menu’ icon

3. Your Tokens on Testnet will show up

(*) You can get up to 15 TOMO test everyday!

About TomoChain Testnet

(*) About TomoChain Testnet


This Testnet is exclusively built for developers to start any projects on TomoChain at no cost. You can basically create TRC-21 Tokens, NFTs, or deploy your Smart Contract to discover bugs. On the other hand, you can request for TOMO test everyday directly from TomoChain core developers. In short, the platform generates a great environment for anyone to explore the power of Smart Contract. Start your journey today!

Download the Extension