Blockchain Application

Pantograph stores most data on Blockchain. The app offers a full & complete ecosystem for you to digitize your artworks, to build up a community, and to monetize your works.

Cross-Platform Availability

Pantograph is available on iOS, Android, as a Web Extension, and as a Website. The app shall be approachable pretty much anywhere you want.

Convenient & Costless

The app is plain and simple. It shall take care of all Blockchain technical issues, and fees, so you can use it comfortably as any regular apps.



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Pantograph application TomoChain Blockchain


Digitize Audio, Video, or Image


Create NFT (Non-fungible Token | TRC-721) from an Instagram link – You can add in an audio file, or a video to generate NFT from an Instagram link. Created Pantogram will be listed on Panto Auction, and can be sold on Panto Market, where you can earn your profits. It’s FREE to create Pantogram.

Panto NFT

Create NFT without coding – Creating Panto NFT will cost some fees. You can use an Image, or a Video to create. However, Panto NFT cannot be listed on Panto Market or appear on Panto Auction.


Sell your NFT

Panto Market

You can sell your Pantogram card with no fees on Panto Market. Aside from that, developers can contact our team to list your game to enable users to trade your NFT assets on Panto Market

Panto Auction

Pantogram card will jump immediately to Panto Auction after created. After 24h, without being captured, it will be transferred to Panto Market automatically.


Manage Tokens and NFTs

Manage your assets efficiently on Pantograph. We support all TRC-21 tokens and NFTs. For a better appearance, developers can submit your card design to our team.


Community and Token

You can host your own community on Pantograph, and distribute your NFTs, or Tokens. Panto Chat would enable you to host various Chat rooms and send your assets instantly while chatting.


Payments on Pantograph

Panto Point & Panto Light are the official payments for the fees (applicable for business services only) on Pantograph. You can purchase Panto Point by using TOMO. However, Panto Light cannot be purchased, as it was designed for Marketing purposes only.


Exchange to TOMO

Switching to TOMO from other assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or USDT has never been easier. It’s now accessible in a few clicks.


Monetize your WordPress Website

Pantograph WordPress Plugin

Pantograph WordPress Plugin enables content creator to get more paid views, and monetize high quality content from time to time. The plugin is FREE and accessible for any WordPress websites.

Just simply click, or scan the QR code to join our Community!

Pantograph Updates



Pantograph Extension on Chrome

Manage Blockchain Assets

Manage Blockchain Assets conveniently right on your browser.

Switch to TOMO testnet

It only takes one click, as the app is exclusively built for TomoChain.

Access TomoChain Services

Navigate and operate TomoChain services promptly in a few clicks.


Panto Community

Host/join communities to send/receive Blockchain assets like tokens and NFTs instantly.

Panto Chat

Chat with anyone and send/receive Blockchain assets simultaneously in a few simple steps.

Panto Browser

Play Recommended Games or Browse Supported Dapps directly and securely.

Manage Blockchain Assets

Manage Blockchain Assets robustly and easily in a few simple steps.

Panto Menu

Setup PIN Code, Languages, Notification, Regional Currency, Address Book and much more.
Pantograph Features


The website is accessible on any browsers through Pantograph Extension, or on Pantograph Mobile.


Turn your Instagram images to NFTs that last forever on Blockchain.

Panto NFT

Create your own NFTs from scratch without coding instantly.

Panto Draw

Play to earn Amazon Gift Card, Iphone, TOMO, NFTs and much more for FREE.

Panto Auction

Enable Pantogram cards to be traded immediately after created.

Panto Market

Trade any listed TRC-721 NFT peer-to-peer promptly at NO FEE.

Panto Gift

Exist in NFT format that can be unpacked to get Panto Point at the equivalent value.