TomoChain Services on Mobile

Instant access from your mobile devices
Tomo Services on Pantograph Mobile

One tap to access

Once TOMO is in your account, you can access all TomoChain Services by tapping on your TomoChain card. For new users, Bacoor also supports purchasing TOMO and other blockchain assets by using credit card instantly.

Fast & Convenient

At this moment, you can access all supported services quickly and securely right on your Pantograph Mobile (iOS & Android). Certainly, this means you only need to use one app to fully experience the whole TomoChain system.

Support all Services

Pantograph supports all services from Staking, Tomo Pool, Tomo Issuer, etc. to popular TomoChain games as Maxbet.

Access via Pantograph Extension

Exist right on your favorite browser
TomoChain Services on Pantograph Extension

Access via your Browsers

Panto Extension is now available on Chrome, Brave and Firefox for free, which is accessible for everyone to experience Tomo Services. For instance, you can sign in all services with Panto Extension on both mainnet and testnet.

Avoid Fake Directories

Within the extension, all official links to Tomo services are bookmarked. Hence, you can avoid getting into fraudulent directories and save time when browsing.

Exclusively built for TomoChain

Pantograph Extension is built exclusively for TomoChain. Therefore, you can surf comfortably without worrying about all technical aspects as customized RPC, or networks, etc.

Enjoy TomoChain Services

Reliable. Easy. Convenient

(*) On Pantograph Mobile (iOS & Android)

  • Staking: Tomo Master
  • Pool: Tomo Pool
  • Issuer: Tomo Issuer – Create TRC-21 Token
  • Private: TomoP – Untraceable Transactions
  • Buy Crypto: Purchase Blockchain assets by using credit card
  • Changely: Swap from one Blockchain asset to another
  • Maxbet: TomoChain games


(*) On desktop via Pantograph Extension

  • Staking: Tomo Master
  • Issuer: Tomo Issuer – Create TRC-21 Token
  • Bridge: Tomo Bridge – Switch Blockchain Assets to TRC-21 standard (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.)
  • DEX: Tomo DEX (Decentralized Exchange)
  • Private: TomoP – Untraceable Transactions

(*) Simplify every step with Pantograph

  • Save time to access authentic services of TomoChain
  • Sign in securely without revealing your keys
  • Synchronize from mobile to desktop
  • Exclusively designed for TomoChain
Tomo Services on Pantograph Mobile

(*) Access Tomo Services on Pantograph Mobile

  1. Go to Pantograph Mobile
  2. From the Home screen, tap on the TomoChain card. In case your account is new, you can purchase TOMO here.
  3. Choose any services you want
TomoChain Services on Pantograph Extension

(*) Access Tomo Services on Desktop

  1. Download and install Pantograph Extension
  2. Open your Pantograph Extension
  3. Tomo Service shortcuts are underneath the ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ buttons

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