Why Panto Draw?

Win valuable items with your Free tickets
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About Panto Draw

The feature is a lucky draw game where you can win valuable items at no cost. To start, you need a ticket on Pantograph iOS or Pantograph Android to join the game.

Receive tickets for FREE in our Campaigns

You cannot purchase the tickets, but to receive them FREELY from certain campaigns of Pantograph and Partners.

Choose any prizes

There is a wide selection for the prizes. If you are lucky, you can get an Amazon Gift Card, an Airpod, or maybe an Iphone.

Get to the game

It only takes a few taps to start

(*) Earning FREE tickets

You can earn FREE tickets through various campaigns of Pantograph. We will update latest events directly on our Twitter and our Official Blog.

Panto Draw FREE Ticket

(*) This video will instruct you how to start the game.

(*) Host your Panto Draw prize and become a Partner

Just simply contact us, we will get back to you with specific instructions. Bacoor aims to widen our network, and expects to bring up the best experience for users. In short, we would not charge any fees for most circumstances to establish a sustainable partnership.


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