Maximize UX on Pantograph Mobile

Find unique features in the Menu of Pantograph Mobile
Access Pantograph Menu

(*) Access the Pantograph Mobile Menu

  1. From the Home screen, click on ‘Menu’
  2. Choose any features
Account Settings on Pantograph Mobile

(*) Account Settings

  • You can adjust your profile info and image within Account Settings. Once finished, you can click ‘Save’ to publish your new profile.
Address Book on Pantograph

(*) Account Book

  • This feature enables you to save the addresses of your friends. It would save some time for you in next transactions. In fact, you only need to insert an address with a name to add in new contact.
Notification List on Pantograph

(*) Notification List

  • The feature displays previous notifications of your Pantograph. Specifically, it helps you to track back all activities of your account.
Manage Receive Link on Pantograph

(*) Manage Receive Links

  • You can track and manage your created receive links in this section at anytime.
Set up PIN Code on Pantograph

(*) PIN Code

  • You can set up a PIN Code for your account. The code will be required everytime before sending or accessing your Address Key.
Account Key on Pantograph

(*) Address Key

  • Within Address Key, you will be able to find your address and most importantly your Private Key.
  • Please bear in mind that anyone has your Private Key will have the full access to your account. Hence, please keep it securely.
Backup account on Pantograph

(*) Account Backup

  • With this feature, you can back up your account as a file on your device.
  • In addition, the back up file may come with a customized password from the creator to ensure the highest security.
Restore Account on Pantograph

(*) Restore Account

  • It enables user to restore an account from a back up file.
Choose Language on Pantograph

(*) Language

  • Pantograph currently supports 03 different languages: English, Japanese, and Chinese
Choose Regional Currency on Pantograph

(*) Regional Currency

  • Asset value can be displayed in local currencies. This feature allows user to change the displayed unit based on user’s reference.
Get help on Pantograph

(*) Help

  • You can send an inquiry to Pantograph team to discuss your issue and get help immediately.
Reset Account On Pantograph

(*) Reset Account

  • You can reset your Pantograph to the default format.

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