Bacoor aims to expand widely among Asia in 2025. We believe Blockchain will be adopted vigorously especially by SME businesses to reduce costs, save time, and enhance efficiency.

To keep up with the fast-paced industry, we introduce the PDX token as one of our main sources of fuel for upcoming activities to achieve our ultimate goal.

In short, the token will share our profits among our supporters and communities. On the other hand, it generates an extra source of fund for Bacoor to run promotional campaigns.

Smart Contract: 0x2f7660cdC0A0585D781c6160d9200864e6C5dcB0

PDX Token Logo

Enhance Liquidity

PDX Token is the native currency of Pantograph ecosystem. Soon, you will be able to earn profit sharing from staking PDX. You can even swap from PDX to stablecoins, or BTC, ETH, or TOMO instantly.

Boost Engagement

Anyone can earn PDX freely by trading ETH/USDT pair on Pantograph DEX. We will also use PDX in upcoming campaigns to boost engagement, and awareness for outstanding products of Bacoor.

Enlarge Community

PDX will be a valuable incentive to reward loyal and active community members. Bacoor believes by distributing PDX disinterestedly, more people will have a chance to try out great Blockchain applications.


% PDX supply will be distributed FREELY to our community

We expect PDX Token will open up an opportunity for Bacoor in particular, also in general for our supporters on all over the World to boost up and share our profits.


20,000 FREE PDX

You can earn PDX Token by trading the pair ETH/USDT on Pantograph DEX. For instance, if you trade 01 USDT in USDT-ETH pair, you will earn 0.001 PDX Token for FREE. Please find the details below.

Trade Value (USDT)

Earn PDX Token        

                         1                         0.001
                     100                         0.100
                  1,000                         1.000
                10,000                       10.000
         20,000,000                20,000.000


  • Staking: During the process, your PDX token will stay in a Smart Contract. Once staked, you will receive %PDX Token (STAKE PDX) at the rate of 100 PDX for 0.1 %PDX
  • Fundamental Concept: By holding %PDX Token, holder will receive an equivalent amount of sharing profits from Bacoor. For instance, by holding 1%PDX Token, holder will receive 1% of sharing profits.
  • Staking Amount: You can only choose an amount that divisible by 100. For instance, you can stake 1,100 PDX to receive 1.1%PDX, or 1,200 PDX to receive 1.2%PDX, but not anything between 1,100 PDX to 1,200 PDX.


Stacking Token


By staking PDX, you can earn a good source of passive income from sharing profits of Bacoor.
Trade on Blockchain


Everytime you trade ETH/USDT on Pantograph DEX, you can earn free PDX automatically.
Trade NFT


In the near future, Panto Market will support PDX in trading NFT as the main payment method.
Advanced Features


To access advanced features of Pantograph DEX & our ecosystem, you need PDX token.


Since early 2017, Bacoor has advised, grown, and developed for more than 15 Blockchain Projects. On our own, we possess 04 main projects, which obtain over 80,000 active users, and more than 320,000 downloads from all over the World. In fact, more than 80% of our users originate from HB Wallet.

Recently, we have successfully launched Pantograph on TomoChain in May 2020. This amazing app enables anyone to experience latest applications of Blockchain. For instance, you can create NFT (Non-fungible token) from scratch without coding; or send any assets without knowing the address of the receiver; or make transactions that completely free; and much more.

Imagination now comes true with the power of advanced Smart Contract.



Let’s make Blockchain great again with Bacoor, send us a question at anytime you need help.