What is Panto Auction?

Put your Pantogram card to a Dutch auction
Panto Auction

About the Auction

The feature is basically an NFT market for newly created Pantogram, which operates based on the Dutch Auction model. It basically means the price will drop through time until your card is transferred to Panto Market automatically.

How it works

Once your Pantogram is created, it will jump to Panto Auction automatically at the price of 20 USD. Eventually, its price will drop steadily in the next 20 hours, until it reaches 0 USD. Thenceforth, the card will get to Panto Market. At this stage, anyone can claim the card freely.

Creator Benefits

Creating Pantogram is free. Creator only needs to paste an authorized Instagram link. Creator can earn some profit if a Pantogram card is captured in its Auction session. On the hand, the creator always earns 50% of the profit everytime the card is traded on Panto Market.

Accepted Payments

Offer most convenient payment methods

Basic Instructions

About the Auction
Panto Auction on Pantograph.app

(*) Access on Desktop

  1. Download Pantograph Extension
  2. Set up your account
  3. Go to Pantograph.app/auction, or click on the ‘Auction’ tab at the Homepage of Pantograph.app
  4. Sign in with Pantograph Extension
Panto Auction on Pantograph Mobile

(*) Access on Mobile

  1. Download Pantograph Mobile on iOS or Android
  2. Set up your account
  3. From the Home screen, click ‘More’
  4. Click on ‘Market’
  5. Click ‘Pantogram Auction’
Pantogram on Pantograph.app

(*) Sell Pantogram on Panto Auction:

  • Just simply create a Pantogram card, your card will jump to Panto Auction immediately after created.
Panto Auction Page

(*) Buy Pantogram on Auction

  1. Go to pantograph.app/auction
  2. Sign in via Pantograph Extension
  3. Choose any Pantogram you want
  4. Click on ‘Buy Card Now’, choose your payment method
  5. Pantograph Extension will show a pop-up for you to confirm, click ‘Confirm’

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Android Version