What is it?

An appreciation for supporters of Pantograph
Panto Light Token

About the token

Panto Light (TRC-21 token) can be used to pay for service fees on Pantograph. It cannot be purchased, and its value is pretty much equal to Panto Point.

Token Usage

You can use Panto Light to experience services on Pantograph. The token operates similarly to Panto Point, but limitedly. For instance, you cannot use it on Panto Market, or Panto Auction.

Obtain the token

You can obtain Panto Light only through campaigns of Pantograph, or Partners.

Its Usage

Enjoy amazing features of Pantograph
Panto Light on Pantograph Mobile
Panto NFT

Panto NFT

Panto NFT enables you to create NFT with customized attributes. In order to create your amazing NFTs, you will need 0.1 Panto Light for each Panto NFT.
Panto Community

Panto Community

Public Community will have a better chance to reach thousands of users on Pantograph. To turn on the public mode for your community, you will need 20 Points.
For Developer

For Developer

Developers can register TRC-21 Token or NFT category on Pantograph at anytime. Some Points will be required to start the process.

About the token

Earn it to try Pantograph services for Free
Panto Light Card

(*) Earn Panto Light

  • You cannot purchase Panto Light, but to earn it through Pantograph’s campaigns. Please follow us on our Twitter to catch up with latest updates.


Panto Light on Pantograph

(*) You can use it at Pantograph Services:

  • Panto NFT: The token can be used to create NFT on Pantograph, each NFT will require 0.1 Panto Light during the creation process.
  • Create Public Community: You can turn your Private Community to a Public Community by using the token.
  • For Developers: Developers can register TRC-21 Token to Pantograph system or a NFT category to our Market by using Panto Light.
Panto Browser

(*) Create Panto NFT on Pantograph:

  • You can use the token to create NFT without coding on Pantograph.
  • It would cost 0.1 token for each NFT during the process.
Pantograph Community

(*) Create a Public Community on Pantograph:

Panto Market

(*) Developers can use Panto Light to:

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