Chat & Send Gifts on Panto Chat

You can chat and send TOMO, BTC, ETH, USDT, or other tokens simultaneously!
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P2P transactions on Panto Chat

Panto Chat supports instant peer-to-peer transactions. It only takes one click to send your assets via a direct chat session.

Host a Private room from your Profile

You can set up a level of accessibility for your room by appointing a required amount of token. In fact, it means other users need to hold a sufficient amount tokens in order to access your private room.

Chat with anyone

You can chat with anyone, in any communities freely. On the other hand, to protect users from spamming acts, we only enable connections established from the same community chat room, or from direct introduction on other platforms.

What you can do on Panto Chat

It’s new, cool, and private.
Panto Chat

(*) You can simply find Panto Chat on the Home screen of Pantograph Mobile (iOS or Android)

Add friend on Panto Chat

(*) Add friend on any communities:

  1. Go to a desired Chat room
  2. Choose a user that you want to add friend, then click on the profile image
  3. Click ‘Add friend’, or you can send a DM (Direct Message)
Add friend in Panto Chat

(*) Add friend by scanning your friend’s QR Code on Pantograph mobile.

Send Blockchain Assets on Panto Chat

(*) Send Blockchain Assets instantly while chatting:

  1. Choose your chat partner
  2. Click on ‘Pay’
  3. Choose an asset:
    • Send COIN: Choose your TRC-20 Token
    • Send Item: Choose your NFT Asset
Setup your Private Chat Room

(*) About your Private Room:

  • Fully private, no administration, no content filter;
  • You can require viewers to hold a sufficient amount of token to join the room, and to access your content. It means you can launch your own TRC-20 token and offer it to your followers.


(*) Access your Private Room: Click on your Profile within the ‘Chat’ screen


(*) Access your Private Room Settings: Click on the top right corner in your Private Room

  1. Edit Profile: Modify your public name, info, profile image, etc.
  2. Friend List: Access your friend list
  3. Copy URL: Share your Profile, and your Private Room
  4. Block List: Find blocked accounts by you
  5. Show QR: Share the QR of your Profile
  6. Room Settings: Adjust your Room settings – whether your Private room is free to join or not.
User settings in Panto Chat

(*) Chat session settings: These settings are accessible in a direct chat session between two users. You can access this by clicking on the top right corner of the chat session.

  • Go to User Profile: Check the profile of your friend
  • Search conversation: Find a term in your chat session
  • Disable notifications: Mute notification of the chat session


(*) In User Profile: You can have a few other options when checking your friend’s Profile.

  • History: Check your friend’s activities on Block Explorer
  • Block: Block your friend
  • Unfriend: Close the connection
  • Show QR: Share the QR to your friend’s Profile
  • Copy URL: Share your friend’s Profile

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