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Panto Browser Screen on Pantograph

What is Panto Browser?

The feature is a built-in browser of Pantograph Mobile. It specifically enables you to sign in, and experience any listed Dapps on Pantograph instantly without revealing your keys. This means you can browse Dapps securely and directly from your mobile device.

What you can experience with Panto Browser?

It opens up a new World for Blockchain enthusiasts quickly from mobile devices. For instance, you can create Blockchain assets, play games, or join Panto Market, etc. However, for the highest security, we only enable user to access listed Dapps. List your Dapp on Pantograph

Secure, Fast, Convenient

User’s security is always the top priority of Pantograph. We aim to bring the best experience when it comes to surfing Dapps. The browser maximizes the loading speed, and stays within your Pantograph, so you can just access your fund immediately at anytime.

About the feature

Access listed Dapps in a few taps
Pantograph Home screen

(*) From the home screen of Pantograph Mobile (iOS or Android), click on ‘More’ to access Panto Browser.

What you can do

  • Create Pantogram
  • Issue TRC-20 Token via Tomo Issuer
  • Generate Panto NFT
  • Play Dapp Games
  • Purchase Panto Point
  • Join Pantogram Auction
  • Send an inquiry to Pantograph team
  • Enjoy other listed Dapps, and more!

(*) Sign in via Panto Browser:

  1. Go to any listed Dapp
  2. Click on ‘Sign in’ or ‘Start’
  3. Click on ‘Sign’

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