Is Youtube Social Media?

Yes, Youtube is a Social Media platform. It was founded in 2005 by 03 former employees of PayPal. They are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. In late 2006, Google acquired the whole Youtube with $1.65 billion USD.

Youtube can be considered as the biggest platform for videos, which obtains over 2 billion logged-in monthly users in 2019 (Source: Hootsuite).

This is where you can create an account for free to upload your videos. It also matches most conditions to be recognized as a Social Media.


Youtube on Laptop

Youtube on Laptop – Source: Leon Bublitz

Why Youtube is a Social Media?

At first, specific standards will be a great guidance to determine whether a platform is a Social Media, or not . In that case, you can refer to the article ‘What does SNS mean‘ to dive deeper into this matter.

In short, Social Media implies online platforms that enable users to post content, and interact by sharing, commenting, or sending messages.

For Youtube, it enables users to interact quite similarly to the given standards.

  • Register for an online profile;
  • Post content as videos freely;
  • Like, share, comment on contents of other users;
  • Subscribe to any favorite channels;
  • Report inappropriate contents;
  • Create multiple favorite playlists;
  • Most importantly, the majority of the contents are public, so anyone can access.

Accordingly, it is undoubtful that YouTube is a remarkable Social Media.


Social Media Image - Maxim-Ilyahov

Social Media Image – Source: Maxim-Ilyahov

An introduction of Pantograph

Pantograph is an SNS platform based on Blockchain. The app enables users to join various communities and chat, while sending Blockchain assets.


Pantograph on Android

Pantograph on Android


As a participant, you will be able to join any communities that you want. Once participated, you can chat in any room, or reach out to other users in the room. Besides, you may have a chance to receive tips from hosts, or moderators of your community. Contrariwise, you can share your opinions, images, or your own tokens to the community to promote your projects.

As a community host, you can build your own community and share the administrative permission with some other users, if needed. Below is a few advantages of an admin, or moderators of a community.

  • Invite other users to join your community by sharing the link of your community. This is also applicable for regular participants;
  • Host many Chat rooms at once;
  • Share posts, images, opinions, or links and pin to the top of your community to earn attention, or traffic;
  • You can encourage interaction from your followers by sending tips or gifts;
  • Send gifts as ‘receive link’ without knowing the address of the receiver;
  • Expose your community to thousands of users by turning your community from Private to Public;
  • Ban or delete any followers in the community.

Pantograph is one of the first SNS platforms that facilitate the Blockchain Technology. It is an effort of Bacoor Inc. to push up the mass adoption of this advanced technology.


You can always try out Pantograph Community on iOS or Android.