About Pantogram

Turn your hobbies and artworks to a good source of passive income
Pantogram Card Sample 2

Earn 50% of the Profit permanently on Pantogram

Everytime someone trades your Pantogram card, you will earn 50% of the profit. In fact, this term is applicable permanently as a copyright fee.

Cost nothing to create

You can save your precious artwork, image, audio, or even video on Blockchain forever with no fee. Indeed, it is absolutely FREE to create a Pantogram card.

Establish the value-based for your asset

Each card comes with a unique ID number, and verified by your Instagram account as a mandatory step of the creation process. Hence, the method creates trust and authenticity as the value-based for your asset.

Preserve your arts eternally on Blockchain

Fast, Free, and Convenient

Pantogram saves your artworks for decades, and more.

This feature ensures your artwork authenticity, as no replicates can be created. Hence, from now and then, the value of your artworks will increase steadily.

Value of authentic artworks has increased provenly.

The value of ‘The Starry Night’ drawn by Van Gogh has increased to 100 million USD since 1889.
The Starry Night - Van Gogh
The Starry Night - Van Gogh
  • Million USD

How to create Pantogram

Facilitate the power of Smart Contract

Go to Pantograph.app


Pantogram screenshot

Paste your link

At first, you will need to authorize Pantogram to verify you on Instagram. It means you need to sign in your Instagram account on Pantograph. This step only happens once at the first time. Eventually, you only need to paste the link of your desired image on Instagram to Pantogram. then click ‘Next’.

Customize your card

  • You will be able to customize your card with various cool frames.
  • In the next step, you can set the amount of copies for your card.
  • As an option, you also can add in an audio, or a video file to your creation to enhance its value.
  • Once you’re done with all the options, just simply click on ‘Create’


Pantogram screenshot of creation process

It goes to Panto Auction & Panto Market automatically

  • Once your card is created, it will automatically jump to Panto Auction. If the card is captured, you will be paid immediately.
  • In case the card is not captured, it will go to Panto Market and stay there for FREE. Unfortunately, you cannot retrieve it back to your account.
  • When someone takes your card on Panto Market and resells it, you will earn 50% of the profit in every trade session permanently. The commission will go straight to your address on TomoChain, which is the address of the card creator.

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