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Free to start on Panto Community

It is absolutely FREE to host a Private Community on Pantograph. In addition, you can turn on the ‘Public Mode’ to enhance your visibility by paying Panto Light or Panto Point.

Tipping efficiently to encourage Followers

You can tip your followers right on your community by using your tokens, or NFTs at no cost. Hence, it is the perfect tool to create a contest, quiz, etc. to boost up interaction and loyalty.

Broadcast and Receive Incentives

You can update news for your supporters by broadcasting across your communities. On the other hand, you can host an auction to receive incentives from your supporters in return.

Boost up with Panto Community

Provide a highly interactive environment for communities
Panto Community

(*) You can simply find Panto Community on the Home screen of Pantograph Mobile (iOS or Android)

Panto Community Screen

(*) As a Community Host:

  • Create multiple chat rooms & official announcement channels
  • Send images and Blockchain assets as BTC, ETH, USDT, TOMO, NFT, Pantogram, Panto NFT, and TRC-21 Tokens
  • Tip your followers
  • Earn traffic for your contents


(*) As a Regular User:

  • Join any chat room, or community
  • Interact with your favorite communities
  • Follow and support your favorite content creators
  • Earn tips and incentives from communities
Panto Community

(*) Share a community link or QR

  1. From your Community Screen, choose a community
  2. Click on the Community Settings icon
  3. Choose ‘Copy URL’ or ‘Show QR’
Create a community on Pantograph

(*) Create a Private Community in less than 3 minutes

  1. On the ‘Community’ screen, click on ‘Create Community’
  2. Fill in the name of your community, description, include a Profile Image, and click ‘Next’
  3. Create the first channel by choosing whether it is an information room, or a chat room, put on a name, and click ‘Next’
  4. Confirm your community
  5. You can find your community on the Community screen
Create more rooms on Panto Community

(*) Create more channels for your community

  1. From your community, click on the Community Settings icon
  2. Click on ‘Create Channel’
  3. Fill in the channel name, choose the type of your channel, and click ‘Create’
Create Public Community

(*) Turn on the ‘Public’ mode for your Community

  1. From your community, click on the Community Settings icon
  2. Click on ‘Edit Community’
  3. Choose ‘Public’, then click ‘Next’

Certainly, you will need 10 Panto Points to turn your community to ‘Public’. You can purchase Panto Point on

Buy Panto Point

(*) Purchase Panto Point in a few simple steps

  1. From your Home Screen, go to ‘More’
  2. Choose Market category, then click on ‘Charge Panto Point
  3. Choose a desired amount of Panto Point then click on ‘View your cart’
  4. Click on Checkout
  5. Eventually, the purchased package (NFT) will be available on your ‘Collections’ screen (check on your Home screen, on the right of the ‘Scan’ button)
  6. At last, click on the package to start unpacking to get your Panto Point

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