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About Pantograph DEX

Pantograph DEX is a decentralized exchange based on TomoChain. It offers great trading experience with high transaction speed at the lowest fees.

As an advantage compared to other DEXs, it enables user to pay all fees in USDT at the lowest rate. This structure simplifies everything, so user can focus on trading without worrying about minor issues as incurred fees.

The Decentralized Exchange lets you trade freely with no KYC, no deposit, low fees in USDT, high transaction speed.

DEX Availability

The DEX is now available at: On top of that, you can also access our DEX on Mobile devices directly via Pantograph Mobile App. This brings out the best experience at the highest security for a Decentralized Exchange.
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Pantograph DEX on Desktop

Trade conveniently on your PC
DEX on desktop

How to start on Desktop?

Step 1: Install Pantograph Extension

Step 2: Import your account or create a new one

Step 3: Access the platform Pantograph DEX

Step 4: Click ‘Unlock your wallet’ icon then choose Pantograph

Step 5: Click on the button ‘Unlock Wallet’

Step 6: Start to trade with any pairs of assets that you want

Available on Mobile

You can access Pantograph DEX on Mobile
Access Pantograph DEX

Trade on the go

The DEX is now available on Mobile devices. You can simply access it immediately in a few simple steps.

  1. Go to your Pantograph mobile app
  2. Tap on your TOMO card (Get TOMO instantly)
  3. Choose ‘DEX’

Trustless & Risk Free

You are the only one who manage your Private Key, Info and Assets
No Deposit on TomoDEX

No Deposit

You only need to connect your wallet to the Decentralized Exchange to start. It means your assets stay in your wallet securely at all time.

No Withdrawal on TomoDEX

No Withdrawal

Since all assets stay in your wallet, you don't have to make any withdrawal, or to keep your assets anywhere else.

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No Risk

You are the one who own your Private Key, not the exchange. Hence, your assets are secured within your reach.

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As everything is processed by Blockchain, specifically by Smart Contract, you don't have to trust anyone with your assets.

Lending Feature

Earn up to 8.5% APR from your investment

Earn from Lending

You can earn up to 8.5% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) by simply lock in your assets on the Decentralized Exchange. You assets are secured in a Smart Contract. It means you can withdraw at anytime, and no one is holding your assets, as everything is self-operating on Blockchain.
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