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A Challenging Dapp Game on Panto Browser
Panto Belt on Pantograph

What is Panto Belt?

Panto Belt is a Dapp Game exclusively built on TomoChain by Bacoor. User can only play once a day. The fastest player will be recorded permanently on Blockchain.

Where can you play Panto Belt?

Panto Belt is accessible via Panto Browser. At this moment, you can only play the game on Pantograph Mobile.

Your score stays on Blockchain

Highest scores of top players will be recorded permanently on TomoChain. It means your great score will be recognized as a World record, until someone else takes it down.

About the feature

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How to find Panto Belt

(*) Access the game

  • You can only access the game on Pantograph Mobile (iOS, Android, APK)
  • From the Home screen, click on ‘More’
  • Choose the ‘Game’ category
  • Choose Panto Belt
Play Panto Belt

(*) Play the game

  • Once you access the game, insert your name
  • Click ‘Start the game’
  • Slide to verify
  • Tap from 1 to 30, the faster you finish the higher ranking you will get

(*) Is there any fee?

  • The game is complete Free to play. There is absolutely no fee to play.


(*) How many time can I play a day?

  • You can only once a day. Once your session is finished, you can only come back the next day to continue the challenge.


(*) About your score

  • Your score will last forever on TomoChain. This means your top scores will be preserved until someone breaks them.

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