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What is it?

This feature helps you to digitize your tickets, collectibles, passes, and so much more to the NFT (Non-fungible Token) format, which lasts forever on TomoChain. Once digitized, you can send your NFT to anyone at no cost via Pantograph.

Create the value base

This feature keeps your creations authentic and durable from time to time. It establishes the value base for almost anything. On the other hand, the feature cuts off mediator fees, as its fundamental core is P2P. Basically, you can create and sell your assets directly, no mediators.

Fast, Cheap & Simple

Creating NFT is now much easier without any coding straight from Panto NFT. You only need to fill in a form, insert an image, and some texts to create an NFT immediately.

Basic Use Cases

Digitize pretty much anything
Stamp Collection


Your collectibles will last forever on Blockchain. They can be traded easily in a few simple steps.

Exclusive Ticket


Buy and sell tickets has never been easier with this feature. It's simple to create, to manage, and impossible to be counterfeited.



Send your autograph to your fans as simple as a link via Panto Chat. It would last forever in your fan's accounts.

Much More

And More!

Your NFT can be pretty much anything you want. Just customize it in your own way!

Advantages of Panto NFT

It’s unique on its own way.

Verified by Smart Contract

Created NFTs are verified by Smart Contract. On the other hand, Panto NFT enables you to create those assets without knowing a single line of code. How cool is that?


Each card comes with a unique ID, which is certified permanently on Blockchain. This makes them impossible to be replicated.


You only need an image, some texts and a few minutes to create your NFT. After the creation process, you can send it to anyone easily via Pantograph.
Panto NFT TicketsRegular Tickets

A closer look at Panto NFT

About its mechanism and more
Create Panto NFT Process

(*) Create Panto NFT on Mobile

  1. Go to Pantograph Mobile iOS or Android
  2. Go to ‘More’
  3. Scroll down, choose ‘Create Panto NFT’
  4. Scroll down, tap on ‘Experience it’
  5. Choose an amount, fill in the form, add in images, attributes
  6. Click ‘Next’
  7. Pay 0.1 Panto Point for each issued NFT
  8. Your NFT will be sent to your account, on your ‘Collection’ screen
Panto NFT Desktop

(*) Create Panto NFT on Desktop

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with Pantograph Extension
  3. Scroll down, tap on ‘Experience it’
  4. Choose an amount, fill in the form, add in images, attributes
  5. Click ‘Next’
  6. Pay 0.1 Panto Point for each issued NFT
  7. Your NFT will be sent to your account, click on your Profile to find your own NFT

(*) About trading your NFT

  • NFTs created by this feature cannot be traded on Panto Market
  • Except for the Panto Market, you can trade your NFTs freely everywhere else. For instance, you can trade your NFTs peer-to-peer via Panto Chat, or on Panto Community.

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